Congratulations ! [DS1=prenom] [DS1=nom] selected you to reveal his/her talents !

Through three short sections, we invite you to reveal the skills of [DS1=prenom] and his/her personality. Thank you on behalf of [DS1=prenom] for taking the time to reveal his/her human qualities !

Filling out this questionnaire will not take you more than 8 minutes.


Hello, we're Trustedin. And you ?

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[DS1=prenom] & You

In this section, we will focus on the context of your encounter with [DS1=prenom]

You met [DS1=prenom] in a ...

personal context

professional context

With [DS1=prenom], you are



You met ...

during your studies

through people we both know

through an association

by chance

Did you work in the same company ?



[DS1=prenom] was your




A business contact

Did you work together on the same team ?



[DS1=prenom] was ...

Your co-worker

Your colleague

Your manager

Your associate

Since when have you known [DS1=prenom] ?

Less than one year

Between 1 and 3 years

Between 3 and 8 years

More than 8 years

How well do you know [DS1=prenom] ?






Now it is your turn to express yourself !

Be true and authentic !

Why do you trust [DS1=prenom] ?

Don't hesitate to provide concrete examples to illustrate your verbatim

To what extent has [DS1=prenom] caught your attention, impressed you or inspired you ?

Think about real life situations

The skills of [DS1=prenom]

We would like to know [DS1=prenom] better. It is time to highlight his/her most outstanding skills, strengths and personality characteristics !

(1) Leadership. Have you ever been in a situation where [DS1=prenom] was able to demonstrate leadership ?



(1) Leadership. How would you describe [DS1=prenom]'s leadership?

Inspiring : [DS1=prenom] gives meaning to his/her mission and is a role model

Values and vision : [DS1=prenom]'s values and vision bring people together

Caring for others : [DS1=prenom] helps people grow

(2) Team spirit. What differentiates [DS1=prenom] the most when he/she is in a group situation ?

Mediation capacity : [DS1=prenom] knows how to reach consensus and solve conflicts

Active listening : [DS1=prenom] can practice active listening and likes exchanging ideas

Approach as a facilitator : [DS1=prenom] tries to make others' tasks simple

Proactivity : [DS1=prenom] often comes up with new ideas

I did not get a chance to observe [DS1=prenom] in a group situation

(3) Persuasion. When [DS1=prenom] needs to convince,

[DS1=prenom] argues his/her case

[DS1=prenom] shares his/her vision and values

I did not get a chance to be in a situation where [DS1=prenom] had to convince

(3) Persuasion. [DS1=prenom] is really good at ...


reaching a compromise

(4) Capacity to adapt. Have you ever been in a situation where [DS1=prenom] had to adapt ?



(4) Capacity to adapt : How would you describe the adaptation skills of [DS1=prenom] ?

Learning capacity : [DS1=prenom] is a quick learner even when the topic is new

Flexibility : [DS1=prenom] is rather flexible, which allows him/her to adapt to new environments

Open to others : [DS1=prenom] draws on the experience of others to adapt

(5) Problem solving and decision making. [DS1=prenom] manages to solve issues because he/she is

Analytical : [DS1=prenom] makes decisions based on a logical reasoning

Team player : [DS1=prenom] takes into account the group's viewpoints to make decisions

Intuitive : [DS1=prenom] makes decisions based on intuitions

Emotional : [DS1=prenom] usually makes decisions based on feelings

I've never been in a situation where [DS1=prenom] had to solve problems or make decisions

(6) Creativity. Have you already had the opportunity to assess [DS1=prenom]'s creativity ?



(6) Creativity. [DS1=prenom] is someone who ...

has a creative mind : [DS1=prenom] can imagine solutions and suggest new ideas

Experiments : [DS1=prenom] regularly tests new approaches

(7) Relationship to others. When [DS1=prenom] deals with others, [DS1=prenom] is rather

Empathic : [DS1=prenom] is sensitive to the needs of others and can easily connect with others

Loyal : [DS1=prenom] is fair and can be relied upon

Sociable : [DS1=prenom] feels good in group situations and likes to meet new people

Humble : [DS1=prenom] modesty is remarkable

I don 't know [DS1=prenom] enough to answer precisely

(8) Communication. [DS1=prenom] is rather ...

Tactful : [DS1=prenom] sees to clearly articulate messages so that they are well conveyed

Straight forward : [DS1=prenom] conveys messages in a blunt way

(8) Resilience. According to you, should [DS1=prenom] fail, ...

[DS1=prenom] would spend time understanding the mistakes in order not to repeat them

[DS1=prenom] would build on this experience to make rapid progress

(9) Action and planning. When [DS1=prenom] takes action,

[DS1=prenom] plans first and then takes action

[DS1=prenom] takes action first and then, focuses on the analysis

I don't know [DS1=prenom] enough to answer

(10) Personal qualities. What are the three main qualities of [DS1=prenom] ?





Risk taking





(10) Personal qualities. [DS1=prenom] is rather ...

task-oriented: [DS1=prenom] primarily focuses on top priorities

multi-tasking : [DS1=prenom] is active in a broad variety of topics

(11) Purpose and motivation. According to you, [DS1=prenom] finds the most meaning in

the values advocated

the results obtained

the actions undertaken

the planning and implementation

I don't know [DS1=prenom] enough to answer

(11) Purpose and motivation. What is the main driver of [DS1=prenom] ?

Creating and inventing something new

Committing to a project that has purpose

Inspiring others and helping them progress

Helping others and changing the world

I don't know [DS1=prenom] enough to answer

Thank you for taking the time to reveal [DS1=prenom]'s skills !

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